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Luxurious, handmade, African Shea butter lotion and Black soap.
Sankofa Shea butter .


Sankofa Black soap is made by hand in the Western part of Ghana by the local women. Sankofa Black Soap has no preservatives, chemical, charcoal or dye. It is all natural and possesses shea natural earthy smell and the brownish -pure black natural color. It is made up of palm kernel oil and cocoa pod. Sankofa Black soap is prized for its antiseptic properties and for it gentleness on the skin. Black Soap is recommended for all ages, or anyone with tender skin. It leaves the skin smooth and soothingly soft. It is excellent for clearing up acne, and helps fight skin rashes, ringworm, measles, eczema, and body odor .It is used as a natural shampoo to avoid dry, itchy scalp. . Black Soap is so highly regarded; it is used in African spiritual purifications. . For the best result it is recommended that Shea Butter should be applied after using the Sankofa Black Soap to ensure even and complete skin tone.
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Liquid black             soap.         
A living link between the past and the present..