About Us

Sankofa Trading and Development is in Brooklyn, New York. Our subsidiary company can be found in the Northern part of Ghana in the village of Jisonayali. Our quality Shea butter is being manufactured by (The body shop), an organization committed to supporting women. A percentage of our sales are being sent to help the village of Jisonayali and to educate them more on how to manufacture a top of the line Shea Butter with little or no impurities. Each time you purchase quality Shea Butter from Sankofa, you are helping us to meet some of the immediate needs of the people of Jisonayali in Northern Ghana.

Why Sankofa? The Sankofa brand of Shea butter, helps you attain great-looking, smooth feeling, healthy skin. Your skin possesses power of regeneration and rejuvenation - and each Sankofa product strives to keep your skin moisturized at the proper level without resorting to the use of heavy, greasy coating.

Pamper your skin and face with Sankofa Shea Butter and black soap.

Remember, “Sankofa is a living link between the past and the present."

“Our illustrious Ancestors used Shea Butter and Black Soap to promote healthy and even skin tone. It removes blemishes and fight skin disease. We are committed to restoring to our customers these natural and powerful traditional skin moisturizers left to us by our ancestors.